Scotch & Soda
by Mick Pacholli
Reviewed on Tue, 17/02/2015 - 14:58pm
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Entering the breezy seats at the Dodd St Summersalt pavilion my friend turns to me and asks me, puzzled, ‚??has the show started?‚?Ě. A fair enough question too, as we watch a rather tipsy gypsy sidle into one of the seats near us, mumbling under his breath before hollering a tune into his apparently half drunk bottle of scotch.

Upon the stage, a group of vaudevillian gypsies appear to be involved in a rather cheeky game of poker, swigging from brown bottles and swiping at each others hand. The moving feast before us becomes increasingly animated with voices and more quirky characters, until you realize that you are smack bang in the middle of a raucous game of dare or double-dare with a bunch of old fashioned carnie misfits.Brought to us by the hit Australian circus troupes Company 2 and the Crusty Suitcase Band, Scotch & Soda is a punch-packing, gob smacking feast for the senses, a theatrical wonder that is uncompromising on every aspect of good performance art. Featuring some of Australia‚??s most celebrated and thrilling circus artists including Mozes, Chelsea McGuffin, David Carberry, Ben Walsh and Daniel Catlow, Scotch & Soda delivers on classic circus excellence in a way that only true veterans of the art-form can.

From the always amazing ‚??how-many‚??people-can-we-balance-tenuously-on-this-cycle‚?? to the awe-inspiring feats of traditional trapeze, this show beautifully executes high calibre circus performance whilst simultaneously delivering a sincere and finely crafted theatrical performance in the classical vaudevillian style. The performers maintain attention-to-detail and a finely honed aesthetic that is delivered impeccably. To say that the show is impressive is an understatement.

A lovable feature of Scotch & Soda is that it brings to life a narrative that we have all secretly dreamt of: the games played behind the circus tent by clowns and acrobats after dark, the playtime of nomadic gypsies with nothing to lose but their arms and legs (and beautifully aged attire). The audience watches on, squealing and giggling, as each new character comes along with a raised eyebrow as though to say ‚??I bet you can‚??t do this‚?Ě before diving into a ridiculous acro-balance or flipping a compatriot four feet into the air. Gasping with eyes held wide, our hands forget whether they are clapping in applause or because the heavy double bass has kicked in yet another bangin‚?? tune alongside the exceptionally talented musicians that bring this show to life.

All in all a rollicking good time that is undoubtedly a highlight of this year‚??s Summersalt festival. Scotch&Soda sure knows how to party; a true achievement in circus performance by Company 2 and the Crusty Suitcase Band. Bravo!

4.5 stars


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What?: Part of the 2015 Summersalt Festival
Where?: Dodd St, Southbank Ė Summersalt Festival Pavilion
When?: 11th - 15th February
Performers: Company 2 and the Crusty Suitcase Band
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