The Waiting Room by Born in a Taxi
by Melynda von Wayward
Reviewed on Fri, 28/03/2014 - 22:57pm
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The Waiting Room by Born in a Taxi
Theatre review by Melynda von Wayward

What: The Waiting Room by Born in a Taxi
Where: The Substation (Part of the Big West Festival 2013)
Directed by Penny Baron
Performed by Penny Baron, Andrew Gray, Carolyn Hanna, Kate Hunter, Nick Papas & Deborah Batton
Live sound by Michael Havir
Lighting by Greg Dyson

Established in 1989, Born in a Taxi is one of Melbourne‚??s most highly regarded physical theatre ensembles, and their latest show The Waiting Room is definitely one of the most Avant-garde and engaging pieces of theatre that I have ever seen.

More comparable to a 1960s theatre ‚??happening‚??, The Waiting Room has the ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional performance by using a clever combination of psychology, time, space and movement.

Not only is the performer/audience relationship tested and explored with the distinction between the two becoming increasingly blurred, but like an ‚??Actor/ Non Actor‚?? paradigm, the audience is engaged from the very beginning to become part of the performance ‚?? with the ultimate result being the smashing of the fourth wall.

Whether it is the non-verbal invitation to contemplate our surroundings, intimately examine ourselves, or be put under the spotlight, the audience is ultimately caught up in the frenzy and uncontrollable energy of the moment, happily giving 100% of their commitment to being part of this ‚??happening‚??.

With a strong focus on improvisation, the ability to give each audience a different experience each night is also one of the key elements of this piece. But be warned - this is definitely not a show for the timid ‚?? it is experiential, participatory and on some level psychologically confronting.

A fantastic live music soundscape by Michael Havir, and an interesting lighting design by Greg Dyson only adds to the quality and aesthetic of this high quality show, which I predict will be on the world stage in the very near future.
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