Under My Bed
by Melynda von Wayward
Reviewed on Sat, 12/04/2014 - 01:26am
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Under My Bed
Theatre review by Melynda von Wayward

What: Flying Fruit Fly Circus - Under My Bed
Where: The Melbourne Arts Centre ‚?? Fairfax Theatre
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
When: Wednesday 9 - Sunday 19 April 2014
Written by: Sebastien Neo Pasche
Directed by: Jodie Farrugia
Costumes by: Lyn Shields
Performed by: Tom Nolan, Zac Saltalamacchia, Leigh Yang, Amie Patching, Denie Davidson, Ellie Marks, Ruben Ingwersen, Sandy Tugwood, Halle Love, Tom Keely, Viktoria Holmik, Zachariah Johnson, Jarrod Takle

The legendary ‚??Flying Fruit Fly Circus‚?? turns 35 this year, and boy have they come a long way since their humble beginnings in 1979. A training centre for youth circus, it is no coincidence that they opened their doors in conjunction with ‚??The International year of the Child‚??, and they have been training and touring a new generation of young circus artists ever since.

But when young people from all over Australia run away to join the circus, they don‚??t just want to train hard, they also want to perform their latest and greatest show to a wonderful circus-loving audience, and that's exactly what they did with Under My Bed.

This whimsical, yet high energy show follows a young girl‚??s big imagination and the make-believe circus hidden in her room. As the circus she dreams of comes to life, we share an adventure full of amazing characters - from a cute Ringmaster and a sad clown to Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep to even more amazing circus tricks - including adagio contortion, dynamic acrobatics and graceful aerials, exciting plate spinning, amazing object manipulation and hoop diving like no other.

Now I have seen a lot of Circus, performed by some of the best talent in Australia, but this show literally blew me away; the tricks are daring and imaginative, the storyline flows smoothly throughout the show, the characters are endearing, it just the right amount of audience interaction and the creative costumes and music tie the whole piece together beautifully. In addition, the Fairfax theatre gave this show just the right amount of polish to make it a truly5 star experience.

Make no mistake; Under My Bed is a high calibre circus show, performed by kids whose skill level is up there with the best of their adult circus peers. This is the future of contemporary Australian circus, and it just doesn‚??t get any better than this!

If you are a circus lover then please do yourself a favour, go see this show. You will be glad that you did and you will kick yourself if you don‚??t.
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