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Alex Watts with Seri Vida and Gosti
On the last Saturday in September, Melbourne only has eyes on one thing. The AFL Grand Final. When the excitement recedes and the sun has dipped below the horizon for the night, then it‚??s time to hit the town and partake in some stress free entertainment. We found our solace in a converted 19th Century Methodist Church called the Wesley Anne in Northcote. Tonight‚??s offering was part of the Darebin Music feast and was featuring a Melbourne local called Alex Watts with Seri Vida and Gosti sharing the performance duties.

The Wesley Anne still has the old style architectural appeal and with the sign ‚??House of Assembly‚?Ě still adorning the fa√ßade, it‚??s very appropriate that it is now used as a music venue.

In the intimate setting of the band room, a nice congregation was gathering ready for the evening‚??s service. Seri Vidatook to the stage to start off the nights proceedings. With her electric guitar, she worked through her set list which included a mix of rock numbers and a couple of more sedate tracks. The mix had the small assembly under her spell and hanging off every chord. The sweet playing of her guitar sound resonated around the dimly lit room while her vocals could soothe away any of the days disappointments. Vida is currently working on producing an album and she finished her set with a song that will be released as a single. Once these are released, it will be nice to take some of Seri Vida home so you can be soothed every day.

Seri Vida.

Next to take to the stage was Gosti. Hailing from Sydney but making Melbourne her home, Gosti sang about events and moments people could really associate with. Aptly naming her album The Travel Tree, Gosti took us on a journey through the places she had travelled and emotions she had felt. Ices took us to the moments when she had locked herself away in a cabin in Canada, while People brought us back to the busy and hectic streets of Sydney. Also assisting on this melodic journey was Andrew Tompson playing Bass and Acoustic guitars. Gosti‚??s music is a journey of melody and rhythms that keep you wanting to carry on travelling to the places she is describing. Gosti can be seen again at The Wesley Anne when she launches her single Charlie on the 9th November. It‚??s a good opportunity to head down and resume the journey.


The last part of the night was reserved for Alex Watts. Tonight playing solo,Watts usually fronts his band Alex Watts and the Foreign Tongue. Being in the spotlight Watts is very comfortable with where he is. His lyrics are more of a storytelling approach which really captures the listener‚??s attention. There is always an air of mystery and a craving to know more which is the recipe the top mystery novelists try to achieve. Sometimes more of the story is revealed in another track which also leaves you wanting more. Watts performed songs from his Desperate Love E.P. as well as his mysterious single This Haunting.

Alex Watts.

He also sang a two part song starting with Hoping, which he sang solo and the second part, Reunited, which he shared with the beautiful Seri Vida. The final song of the night saw all three brilliant artists take to the stage to sing Watts other mysterious song and last single, Warned. A superb storyline and sung brilliantly by Watts on his own, it was transformed beyond belief with all three singers in harmony. It ended the night on an incredible note and left you wanting more. It‚??s hoped that it won‚??t be too long before any or all of these artists take to the stage again and let us be a part of their world again. Let the journey continue.

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