The Worst of Scottee (UK) (Midsumma Festival)
by Melynda von Wayward
Reviewed on Sat, 29/03/2014 - 05:52am
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The Worst of Scottee (UK) (Midsumma Festival)
Theatre review by Melynda von Wayward

What: The Worst of Scottee (UK) (Midsumma Festival)
When: January 20th ‚?? 25th, 2014
Where: Theatreworks
Directed by: Chris Goode
Written and performed by: Scottee

The Worst of Scottee is an Award winning solo show that is based on the real life experiences of Scottee ‚?? a young boy who grew up amidst the poverty, boredom and violence of the Camden housing estate in the UK.

Ingeniously utilizing a photo booth as both the set and performance space, Scottee draws aside the black curtain and the show opens to a beautiful rendition of ‚??Cry me a River‚??, complete with a real river of inky black tears and much laughter from the audience.

But as we soon discover, this innocent looking photo booth is more than meets the eye. As he sits inside the photo booth with his face to the camera, his body turned away from us becoming a fascinating silhouette, a small digital screen displays Scottees‚?? face to the audience. This method of delivery is not only technically clever, but it gives Scottee the much desired advantage of being both intimate and detached from the audience at the same time.

Channeling elements of fashion icon Leigh Bowery and the 'fat guy' from Little Britain, Scottee is visually captivating right from the beginning. With black streaks down his face the photo booth now becomes a confessional and his real life confessions begin. Why did Scottee tell everyone that Holly was dead, why did he steal money form his Nan‚??s purse and why did he lie about having AIDS? Only Scottee can tell you that.

While this brilliant show is laced with wonderful black humour and an array of fantastic songs that are sung by Scottee, it is also a show that will make you leave with a heavy heart. Because at the very core of this show is a hurt, confused, young gay boy who is exploring life in the best way that he knows how. Many things happen to him along the way, some good and some bad, and although at times it is difficult to grasp the enormity of his life‚??s experiences, Scottie is ultimately a survivor and this show is here to let the world know that.

With an excellent use of a small space on both a visual and technical level, an amazing performance by Scottee and strong direction by Chris Goode, The Worst of Scottee is one of the best shows you will ever see. It will make you laugh, mesmerize you, and draw you into a world where fact is stranger than fiction.
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