Cordelia Mein Kinde
by Pation Pics
Reviewed on Mon, 21/07/2014 - 06:55am
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Dance Performance-Art Family Ballad - Deborah Leiser-Moore
Performance 17th July Carlton La Mama Theatre Faraday Street.

'quests to prove love, find secrets and speak unspoken names'
Hot Braziers in a courtyard then benches in a dim space. Taverna lighting. Paper-roll screens upstage like long paper leaves and to our right...sand at their feet - to draw and throw and wipe a boundary to the past, our historical homeland. All next to the bright gaze of a crowned Father's face a flexing mirror.

The King's train arrives but he is passing and his daughters will remain. To earn his love and a part of his power they must convince him of their devotion. Proof of faith of love.

Transports in video media ?? seascapes, skyscapes, passing trains. King Lear ?? granite-grim mortals vs the elements. Yiddish King Lear - family meals and fireside lessons with the miracle happy ending. Ghosts of past worlds ?? men mastering and dividing the spoils of their lives. Women obliged to prove their love while the world is made for them. Slices of family shadows ?? the more unspoken the greater the presence. Our responses woven back into the telling. The heritage of Polish Jews who fled terror. Urgent purpose to find the words unspoken the memories untold.

All this challenge yet not one instant of complaint, no thought of self-pity to this story. The exiled Cordelia follows her dream to be a doctor and returns to heal her father. A courageous quest to understand or release. We are humble witnesses and this is important.

Gossamer thin edge of risk. We journey the world to be trapped in a tight cabin...a Polish train with another sudden moment of fear and latent harm. Fear of that man before me on the train, or in the street. Haunted unspoken events - of Jewish war history, Australian army bomb-disposal war service and isolation within an Anglo-Australian community. The story lands and lofts again always lightly.

La Mama has tough audio challenges each time amplified and live sounds are used together. Some quieter story voice moments are almost lost, though I never feel left out

The objects suspended in space are a delight, pages of Yiddish and English King Lear...clipped to paper-doll purpose in the air. Tantalised the presence of the flickering heart beneath her garment.

I enjoy media suddenly blending to a lasting 'instant'. Dancer emerges from media, raw gestures of loss and overwhelm, sound adds a shimmer of urgency and evolving choices. We witness a gentle mastery of space and her body's line through it. Some swimmers look natural in the water with a rare tell of raw strength and elemental grace.

It is Deborah's story of her father, her place in the family and the burden of memory evolving further with each telling. She is a fascinating and accomplished author. Simple and enthralling, always subtle,with the intimacy of good close-up magic, many viewings would be necessary to find out. I love this stuff!

...The exiled Cordelia still follows her dream to be a doctor and return to heal her father.

Review by Peter Seaborn
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