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  • Wrok Down - TOOT Radio Show #3

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    Adult Contemporary Music Presented by Gary Mac

    Gary Mac is an icon of Australian Radio. Best known for his work on Top 40 radio, he was at the heart of the rock and roll scene in Melbourne through the late 60's to the early 70's.

    TRACK 1
    Click image for larger version

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    I am really happy when I receive a new CD from some older musos who have got together to write. To us at Wrokdown this is like young up-and-coming bands, except the Dukes of Despair are seasoned musos with the chops to prove it!. Their debut CD 'Wood, wire and skin' shows their country roots and it's hard to pick their best song.

    Contains 10 tracks -
    Play whereIcallhome.mp3

    TRACK 2
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    'Decent People' is the follow-up to James Hampton's first cd 'Land or Sea'. I love listening to James' songs as he doesn't add production for the sake of it, they are wonderful on their own in their simplicity. He has surpassed LOR as his lyrics have matured, but his piano playing is just as pleasurable and clever.

    Contains 10 tracks - Play turnaround.mp3

    TRACK 3
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    The second cd from the Dukes of Despair is just as good as their first, which I loved. These guys are a tight unit, and a great country rock band with all the right ingredients, and they are here for the long run.

    Contains 9 tracks -
    Play furtherdowntheroad.mp3

    TRACK 4
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Wrok-Tootcdsebhardie.jpg
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    'Blueprint' is the long awaited for new cd from the original Sebastian Hardie. It is a joy to listen to - a collection of tracks that follow 'Four Moments' and 'Windchase' as naturally as if they were written the day after. With guest vocalist Dave Wilkins, it just adds another dimension to their superb musicianship. I'm pretty certain they will head off overseas where they are much appreciated.

    Contains 6 tracks.
    TRACK 5
    Click image for larger version

Name:	WD3cdpengilly.jpg
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    Who is Mark Pengilly? He is just someone who saw my postings and sent me a cd on the off chance that I might like something, and I did. Mark is one of those Aussie Indie songwriters who just keeps putting out CDs hoping for a break. 'Anothery' - this song haunts me!

    Contains 12 songs -
    Play vanessa.mp3

    TRACK 6
    Click image for larger version

Name:	WD3cddreamspell.jpg
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    Warren O'Neill is a Melbourne musician, who has played in many bands, but decided to do a solo instrumental CD. Warren has overdubbed his guitar, weaving in and out to create beautifully calming and mesmerizing tracks. Very aptly named 'Dreamspell'.

    Contains 9 tracks -
    Play albatross.mp3

    TRACK 7
    Click image for larger version

Name:	WDcdbutterfly.jpg
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    Paul Norton has produced this very pretty country CD 'Butterfly' by Susan Lily. He not only played on it with many other well known musicians, but did some backing vocals and co-wrote a couple of tracks. The result is a lovely MOR CD and Susan - singer/songwriter - is very easy to listen to. Apart from a couple of up tempo numbers (including 'You only kiss me when you're drunk'!), most songs are pretty laid back.

    Contains 14 tracks - Play broken.mp3

    Her youtube video

    Wrok Down and Toorak Times, are independent media providers and have decided to complement each other's activities, which in the main is to provide platforms for other independent artists to try to enhance their income streams, and the delivery of their music to a potentially world wide audience.

    The plan is that Anita will be producing a half hour show playing new music from local acts on a regular basis.

    has succinctly described the
    'How To' in her introduction to the show, please have a is that simple. Tracks cost 99 cents, 9 cents PayPal and 80 cents of each sale goes directly to the mucking around. The other 10 cents is split between TT and Wrok Down to keep developing the site's potential to keep putting money in musician's pockets.

    Over the next few weeks we will be enhancing this section and links will updated as the pages are completed.

    You do not need to join either site to buy the tracks, just click the links on the Wrok Down site or TT's links to those downloads and PayPal make it very simple. You choose to join and contribute your pics, vids, memories of these artists in the TOOT Radio Discussion Forums you are reading now.

    You can assist the musicians get their music out there by sharing and recommending this Radio show to all your Facebook friends, Tweet it out loud, Pin It to a board, share it as much as you can.
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