Wrok Down TOOT Radio Show #1

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Adult Contemporary Music Presented by Anita Monk


'Blueprint' is the long awaited for new cd from the original
Sebastian Hardie. It is a joy to listen to - a collection of tracks
that follow 'Four Moments' and 'Windchase' as naturally as if
they were written the day after. With guest vocalist Dave
, it just adds another dimension to their superb musicianship.
I'm pretty certain they will head off overseas where they are much appreciated. Contains 6 tracks.

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Wards Express is a Sydney band featuring seasoned musos
Ross Ward, Bruce Stephens and Alan Britton and this is
their third cd. I love the easy style - it's very guitar oriented,
lots of solos, and great harmonies. I'm a thinkin' Joe Walsh -
that'll do it! CD is called Five Lanes, with 5 tracks.

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If you are looking for a nice pleasurable homegrown cd, with
old fashioned songs, this is for you. Reminding me of maybe
early Janis Ian or Carole Bayer Sager, Marjorie Cardwell
writes lovely memorable songs, and has a 'real, pure'
voice, quite a novelty these days. The cd 'In Another World'
contains 11 tracks and was written after a recent health scare.

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The Great Divide is the first cd from Mark Gardner,
and it's a great start. Mark is a Melbourne
singer songwriter and also a multi-instrumentalist
who does brass arrangements on the side. If I
said this cd was a mix between Goanna and
Hunters and Collectors
you would probably
get my drift. Mark writes about our wonderful country. Contains 6 tracks

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This is the second cd from
'Peter Tilbrook and the Party Cats',
and it's a remix of their first with some newies thrown in.
The Party Cats are a rock and roll band with a huge following in
Adelaide because they write all their own songs, and they know
how to rock! No covers here, just a great party cd.
Contains 14 tracks.

I always play a cd by an unknown artist with
a 'here we go again' attitude, but late bloomer
DC Cardwell had me intrigued from the first
chord. There's no expensive big production
sounds here - rather simply recorded, but
beautifully constructed, and clever chords,
and lyrics that work! The songs on 'Some Hope'
have been likened toMcCartney and Dylan
and I can see that, but the harmonies immediately
said America to me. Definitely a must.
Contains 16 tracks.

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'The Sign' is a songwriting partnership between Jo and
Paul Volta
from Tasmania, but they have toured internationally
with a lot of support from
Japan of all places! It's a bit more
of a modern sound than we are used to at
Wrokdown throwing
us into the 21st century, but there are some great rockin' tunes
Contains 12 songs