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  • Wrok Down TOOT Radio #2

    Wrok Down TOOT Radio Show #2

    Support Local Talent

    Adult Contemporary Music Presented by Anita Monk

    TRACK 1
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    The Prairie Oysters
    are known around Melbourne as a covers band, so good on them for sticking their necks out. 'Livin for the Weekend' is their first original cd, and a great collection of songs it is too! All country, good toe tapping, all good musos. Yes folks this is a real band. Hard to choose the best but have gone with this one. 12 tracks

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    TRACK 2
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    New release by Jack McGrath - 'Spice of Life'. This CD contains more of his wonderful instrumentals, but this time his stand out track for me includes the exceptional skills of collaborator and guitarist Brian Holloway. Brian was in'The Dream' with Jack. Contains 12 songs

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    TRACK 3
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Name:	WDcdjules.jpg
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    It is hard to believe that
    Jules Boult is so young when this CD reminds me of Smacka Fitzgibbon. I hope he doesn't take offence, but his style and the instruments he uses are so clean and simple. The CD is New Orleans jazz/blues, and he has had plenty of good raves from people with more knowledge of this genre than I! 'Mark my Words' has 11 tracks.

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    TRACK 4
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Name:	WDcdtracey.jpg
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    I'd never heard of Tracey Miller, but I am so glad I have now. She obviously loves her old songs, and is inspired by R&B. She has the perfect pure voice and a great ear for melody. I don't know enough about this style to comment too much, but a good song is a good song, whatever the genre. 'I can tell' contains 11 songs and a couple of covers

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    TRACK 5
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Name:	WDTINDALcdrattlebone.jpg
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    Gosh, what can I say about Pete 'Rattlebone' Tindal. His new cd 'If I lived here I would be home by now' sounds nothing like the 'Cherokees', but then again they didn't have a choice! Now Pete is back writing the songs he always wanted to record, and doing it very well. Based in the UK Pete travels backwards and forwards from Europe to the US touring and playing. Contains 10 tracks.

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    TRACK 6
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Name:	WDcdjames.jpg
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    James Hampton writes music beyond his years, but lyrics with the naivete of youth which is wonderfully refreshing. This cd has 10 tracks, all great listening, and I love 'Got no Friends', 'All my Money's Gone', and 'Just be Julia'. Jazz, funk, Jarreau, Steely Dan etc. Available on itunes.

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    TRACK 7
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Name:	WDTTcdyou.jpg
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    Tramtracks is a group of Australian musicians, most notably Toivo Pilt originally from 'Sebastian Hardie'. Toivo formed 'Tramtracks' and calls the style 'progressive chill'. As the band is mentioned on the 'Yes' fan site, you get an idea of the type of music. Contains 14 tracks

    PLAY usb.mp3

    Wrok Down and Toorak Times, as independent media providers, have decided to complement each other's activities, which in the main is to provide platforms for other independent artists to try to enhance their income streams, and the delivery of their music to a potentially world wide audience.

    The plan is that each week Anita will be producing a half hour show playing new music from local acts. Anita has succinctly described the 'How To' in her introduction to the show, please have a is that simple. Tracks cost 99 cents, 9 cents GST and 80 cents of each sale goes directly to the mucking around. The other 10 cents is split between TT and Wrok Down to keep developing the site's potential to keep putting money in musician's pockets.

    Over the next few weeks we will be enhancing this section and links will updated as the pages are completed.

    You do not need to join either site to buy the tracks, just click the links on the Wrok Down site or TT's links to those downloads and PayPal make it very simple. You choose to join and contribute your pics, vids, memories of these artists in the TOOT Radio Discussion Forums you are reading now.

    You can assist the musicians get their music out there by sharing and recommending this Radio show to all yourFacebook friends, Tweet it out loud, Pin It to a board, share it as much as you can.

    Youtube video

    Our Youtube clip

    Our Youtube clip
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