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Listen To Older Voices : Margaret Healy - Part 2

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  • Listen To Older Voices : Margaret Healy - Part 2

    Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves for Uniting Melba and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg.

    Listen To Older Voices presents the stories, views and opinions of our older citizens. It is predominantly in a life & times format, with interviewees reflecting upon their lives from earliest memories. An underlying principle of the program is to promote the concept of positive ageing, reinforcing the principle that older people have & continue to make a valuable contribution to both their local & wider community.

    Welcome to the second of a 3-part program featuring the story of 86 year old Margaret Healy. Margaret is an amazing woman who doesnít mince her words and is, a real down to earth Aussie woman. We learn how she meets and marries Mick Healy, who also is a timber worker. Yet donít imagine for one moment that Margaret accepts everything about the lifestyle of timber workers as a given.

    Her move with Mick to the timber town of Hayfield is in many ways the story of a town culture almost exclusively revolving around drink. That was a lifestyle she was not happy about.

    Her stories are far ranging taking us through her life to having to deal with the death of her husband Mick. In a day and age when so many try and present with a pseudo sophistication, Margaret reminds us of the delights that an honest, unassuming Aussie can provide

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    [Listen To Older Voices receives funding from the Commonwealth Government through the Commonwealth Home Support Program Program]