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Listen To Older Voices : Judy Donnelly - Part 3

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  • Listen To Older Voices : Judy Donnelly - Part 3

    Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves for Uniting Melba and podcast through the Toorak Times and Tagg.

    Listen To Older Voices presents the stories, views and opinions of our older citizens. It is predominantly in a life & times format, with interviewees reflecting upon their lives from earliest memories. An underlying principle of the program is to promote the concept of positive ageing, reinforcing the principle that older people have & continue to make a valuable contribution to both their local & wider community.

    In this, the final part of the story of Canadian born Baby Boomer Judy Donnelly, we learn of the connection that eventually bought her to Australia. We share her story how her music came to assist her to become friends with a young Australian musician, Sam See, who was working temporarily in Canada and joined the band. He and Judy found an immediate strong bond but he had to return to Canada but Judy wasnít ready for that move and she finds that trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, that also spanned many years, just didnít work.

    Judy returns to University and graduates and finds herself working in the world of books, learning and honing her skills in archiving. We discover the circumstances leading to her and Sam reconnecting and we follow her story and indeed her journey which results in her migrating to Australia, just on 8 years ago. Now happily living with Sam in a wonderful home in the beautiful Dandenong ranges just outside of Melbourne, she works as an archivist in a prestigious Melbourne girlís school where she is immersing herself in local interests including those of an ecologic nature and keeping up her interest in music accompanying Sam who is still a working musician, to various music venues with a large group of close friends she has made.

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    [Listen To Older Voices receives funding from the Commonwealth Government through the Commonwealth Home Support Program Program]