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Here are all the section winners from day two of the blue-ribbon men's singles d...

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  • Here are all the section winners from day two of the blue-ribbon men's singles d...

    Here are all the section winners from day two of the blue-ribbon men's singles discipline at the $225,000 Australian Open on the Gold Coast:

    Section 84 winner: Ben Twist
    Section 85 winner: Stephen Halmai
    Section 86 winner: Peter Deutschmann
    Section 87 winner: Peter Johnson
    Section 88 winner: Cameron Curtis
    Section 89 winner: Luke Day (QLD)
    Section 90 winner: Alan Law
    Section 91 winner: Philip Westcott
    Section 92 winner: David Prior
    Section 93 winner: Nathan Allen
    Section 94 winner: Gaven Faulkner
    Section 95 winner: Andrew Bell
    Section 96 winner: Alan Woning
    Section 97 winner: Dale Condon
    Section 98 winner: Andrew Appleyard
    Section 99 winner: Jeremy Henry
    Section 100 winner: Laurie Guy
    Section 101 winner: Samuel White
    Section 102 winner: Kelvin Scott
    Section 103 winner: Muhammad Hizlee Abd Rais
    Section 104 winner: Steve Graf
    Section 105 winner: Paul Girdler
    Section 106 winner: David Hatter
    Section 107 winner: Christopher Obrien
    Section 108 winner: Alan Ash
    Section 109 winner: Jessie Noronha
    Section 110 winner: Mark Robinson
    Section 111 winner: Dean Mcwhinney
    Section 112 winner: Benjamin Walsh
    Section 113 winner: Neville Hillvic
    Section 114 winner: Nathan Wilson (VIC)
    Section 115 winner: Allan Denham
    Section 116 winner: Gordon Simms
    Section 117 winner: Geoff Mitchell
    Section 118 winner: Michael Harry
    Section 119 winner: Peter Conlon
    Section 120 winner: Burnie Melville
    Section 121 winner: Darren Christie
    Section 122 winner: Andrew Howie
    Section 123 winner: Lloyd Iaccarino
    Section 124 winner: Mason Lewis
    Section 125 winner: Jamie Anderson
    Section 126 winner: John Breust
    Section 127 winner: Aaron Teys
    Section 128 winner: Greg Jeans
    Section 129 winner: Terry Pappas
    Section 130 winner: Aaron Staples
    Section 131 winner: Corey Daley
    Section 132 winner: Dylan Skinner
    Section 133 winner: Craig Townsend
    Section 134 winner: Ian Lane
    Section 135 winner: Ray Pickard
    Section 136 winner: Andrew Fowler-Brown
    Section 137 winner: Josh Studham
    Section 138 winner: Gaven Brinkworth
    Section 139 winner: Chris Pollock
    Section 140 winner: Brett Findley
    Section 141 winner: Andrew Ransom
    Section 142 winner: Andy Mclean
    Section 143 winner: Neville Jenkins
    Section 144 winner: Nathan Rice
    Section 145 winner: Bill Ahoy
    Section 146 winner: John Connellan
    Section 147 winner: Gary Pearson
    Section 148 winner: Simon Alden
    Section 149 winner: Aaron Wilson
    Section 150 winner: Greg Robbie
    Section 151 winner: Mitchell Clarke
    Section 152 winner: Dylan Riley
    Section 153 winner: Wayne Turley
    Section 154 winner: Jessie Herbert
    Section 155 winner: Ian Brimblecombe
    Section 156 winner: Matt Rennex
    Section 157 winner: Fairul Izwan Abd Muin
    Section 158 winner: Anthony Ross
    Section 159 winner: Dane McKinnon
    Section 150 winner: Troy Somerville
    Section 161 winner: Ben McCall
    Section 162 winner: Scott Walker
    Section 163 winner: Izzat Syamer Dzulkeple
    Section 164 winner: Glen Lyon
    Section 165 winner: Max Staggard
    Section 166 winner: Cody Fehlberg
    Section 167 winner: Maurice Keith
    Section 168 winner: Jayden Christie
    Section 169 winner: Robert Cresswell
    Section 170 winner: Josh Farnsworth
    Section 171 winner: Joshua Corless
    Section 172 winner: Peter Brown
    Section 173 winner: Saufan Said
    Section 174 winner: Wayne Handley
    Section 175 winner: Michael Hocking
    Section 176 winner: Jacob Nelson
    Section 199 winner: Paul Staggard Jnr.
    Section 200 winner: Neale Griffin
    Section 201 winner: Andrew O’Meagher
    Section 202 winner: Mick Landon
    Section 203 winner: Shane Greentree