No news for bowlers from the mainstream

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Geoff Mathers wrote a regular column in the Sunday Age covering lawn bowls for many years and his articles were very well read by the majority of bowlers who picked up the Age for the previous days play results but also Geoff's insights into the game. The link below is an old Green Clippings from The Age

He did it at his own expense, the Aged gave him nothing then unceremoniously dumped him for a staff writer, Cameron Noakes, who had no idea. 2 years later they were paying Bridgey a tidy sum to pontificate from Bowler's House and this year they have no intention of covering bowls, or district hockey or any other community sports much.

I have approached Geoff and although happy to strap on the boots needs a financial incentive, to which end I am seeking commercial sponsors for his column on my site, which will have stories and links uploaded live to the Planet Bowls Facebook page.

What I am trying to find out is if you guys want to have some serious bowls news again on a regular basis?

Remember we are no longer constrained to the same deadlines as print media and so a bit of the pressure is off, plus latest web publishing and file sharing makes getting copy to Geoff a doodle from clubs after the game, plus we can include Sunday games.

So would you like to see Geoff Mathers back in the game writing a regular column? Please join this page show I can show potential sponsors your want for real bowls news that you can all contribute to.

I've attached a Poll that I will make public for Facebook users to show their opinions also.