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St Kilda vs Brighton Div 2 10/12/2011

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  • St Kilda vs Brighton Div 2 10/12/2011

    New Green Dicey for Narrow Bowls

    Bless me Father for I have sinned...
    Ken Armstrong down on his knee's
    watching his line

    On a beautiful, balmy day in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda's top side stepped onto their newly opened Tiff Dwarf green for the first time this season to take on Ken Armstrong's bunch of ageing greats, from Brighton's Beach Boys.

    Kenny and the Gremlin

    Ken had a tough tussle all day with Gary Willcock's rink, Darren Bond just kept putting them on the jack all day, but Ken's third despatched his bowls most ends. In what eventually turned into a battle of the skips, Ken won the rink through Willcock's getting poor results on drives that hit their target. Ken missed his opportunity to win or draw for the club with his last bowl swinging narrow across the head.

    Bondy lead like a gun all day
    to have most of his good work
    taken away by Brighton's
    Chris Watkins at third for Brighton

    Jack Lawton's rink, with the ever reliable George Marini leading, gave a reasonable start against new St Kilda skip and coach Dave Willcocks, but succumbed to an impressive rise from Dave's rink, winning 19-17.

    The Evil Hampster leading for Sutho,
    talking to Brighton selectors Chairman
    Dougie Finlayson

    Dave Sutherland's rink triumphed against Barry Baxter, with Dave taking a solid 9 shot win. Dave's third played some great conversions and Sutherland also showed what he's made of when it counted taking the choccies 20-11.

    His bowls had a hook on them
    as well. 3rd for Sutho, Dave
    goes alright

    Robbie Briglia did a little worse, losing his rink against a struggling Michael Murphy, but held on grimly to take the last end on his rink, as did the Gremlin, to ensure a win for the Saints.

    Rob's made his mind up after
    inspecting the head

    It was a reasonably low standard game on a difficult green. ABTs and Internationals were proving more reliable than the modern sets, which were easily and often affected by the roughness of the new surface.

    It is to be expected though and the St Kilda green will end up being lovely to play on I'm sure. St Kilda are going to have to go a bit harder if they want to be serious contenders.

    With two ends to go, on two rinks, Brighton were only two down, but poor shot execution from both Brighton skips saw St Kilda get over the line by 4 shots.

    St Kilda 14-75 Brighton 2 4-71

    Just for Bushy! Ken Armstrong
    clearly foot faulting whilst trying
    to play a shot under the head