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    Cheyenne apologises for not pontificating on our great win last week, but his Stone Age ADSL teepee internet connection has been down all week. I have read the wind and collected all your trancendental thoughts and I have to say I agree - Malthouse is the doyen of control freaks and yes, I too felt sorry for his staff on the bench when he went down to interrogate them 6 minutes before 3/4 time.

    In particular, poor Brad Green, who has been victimised several times this year by Mick in front of millions watching at home. Brad was clearly wincing like Pavlovís dog as Mick pranced up and down the boundary line. Brad Green who played 200 games (over 100 more than Mick) and could have captained Australia had he stayed with cricket.

    Face it, Mick - youíve only got one goer with any class and his nameís Chris Judd. Marc Murphy acts like he should still be in a pram. In a couple of years Juddy will be gone, and so too will the control freak, I reckon.

    Cheyenne Autumn