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The Duke of Kent visiting Melbourne

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  • The Duke of Kent visiting Melbourne

    On 14th February 2015 The Duke of Kent received the Dresden Peace Prize
    Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent, paid tribute to fallen soldiers in Melbourne.

    The 79-year-old Prince - who is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia - arrived on 21st April to honour servicemen who lay down their lives at a Shrine of Remembrance.

    As part of his two night stop-over in Melbourne, the Duke visited the Abbotsford Convent Trust, and was treated to a special performance by Song Room. He also paid a visit to the Synchrotron and John Monash Science School, which published this press release two days before the Duke's arrival:
    His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, will visit John Monash Science School on Wednesday 22 April as part of his Australian tour in the lead-up to the 2015 ANZAC Day commemoration ceremonies.
    “We are honoured that His Royal Highness will tour our school” said Peter Corkill, Principal of John Monash Science School. “His Royal Highness shares a passion for the role that science and innovation play in society in addition to supporting early engagement of students to science and science related careers. This is the core underlying mission of John Monash Science School” he explained. 
    John Monash Science School offers its students the ability to pursue a traditional curriculum but with opportunities to specialise and focus on contemporary areas of science, mathematics, engineering and emerging technologies. This includes specialist science subjects such as Astrophysics, Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology, university extension studies, extended research investigations and numerous science-related camps and immersion experiences both at the school and within the university. The school regularly participates in International Science and Mathematics Fairs with its partner schools in the International Science Schools Network. Its students have won several awards and high recognition for their projects, and some have even co-authored scientific papers.
    While at John Monash HRH will tour the school, meet with students and be provided with a demonstration of the school’s Emerging Science Victoria program (ESV).
    “ESV has been developed from earlier work by JMSS, Monash University and the Department of Education and Training to provide a virtual classroom environment. Driven by CISCO’s WebEx technology and Google Apps for Education collaborative learning platform ESV allows JMSS teachers to instruct students logged in from computers across Victoria. Our studio has multiple cameras and a green screen allowing teachers to fully utilise technology to enhance student learning opportunities” explained Mr Corkill.
    The tour will also demonstrate the unique open-learning, team-based teaching environment and pedagogy employed at the school.
    “In a year where we are hosting the International Student Science Fair the visit by His Royal Highness is the first of many significant events for the school over 2015. This includes the launch of Emerging Science Victoria and the Victorian Virtual Science and Engineering Fair” noted Mr Corkill.

    The Duke  also spoke at a meeting of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce. His speech at the business lunch of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce can be heard here. Today he left Melbourne for Adelaide before flying on to Canberra, where he will celebrate the Anzac Day landing on 25th April.

    The Duke of Kent, who 33rd in the line of succession to the Australian Crown, is a frequent guest down under. On 9th August 1969 he first arrived with his wife, Katherine Worsley, and the media then wrote: "From the minute they arrived it was clear that Australians were going to take a distinct liking to the Duke and Duchess and particularly to the elegent Duchess who charmed everyone she met. There were enthusiastic crpwds to meet them when they arrived at Fairbairn RAAF base in Canberra where they were welcomed by the Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck and Lady Hasluck and the Prime Minister, Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Gordon."


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