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  • Get the priorities right

    Question on Twitter:
    Why was it right making #PrincePhilipAK an Australian knight? Because he couldn't care less about a storm in a teacup.

    That can't be said about many voices in Australia, eagerly reproduced in Australia. They love to bash Prince Philip and first and foremost the one who asked Her Majesty to grant a knighthood to The Duke: Prime Minister Tony Abbott. They are out to get his head.

    All because of a minor event.

    No matter what goes on in the world, the Australian media heat up the fire of the anti-Tony campaign.

    Is the Grexit looming in Greece? With consequences for the financial world - and every one of us? May be, but what's that against a juicy knighthood story?

    Continuing violence in the Middle East, thousands killed every day. Oh please, let us get rid of our PM because of bestowing an honour.

    There's something wrong with the priorities in Australia.


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