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Aussie republicans thrown back into the 70s

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  • Aussie republicans thrown back into the 70s

    The arrival day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George held goods news ready not only for the royal couple, but for all monarchists. The idea of establishing "a" republic in Australia has lost more support since the last opinion poll in February, when it was on a 20 year low, now the republicans are at a 35 year low and expected to lose more ground.

    For the Fairfax media it must have been a tough decision to put this headline of the frontpage: Popular royals tip republic off radar. After another nasty comment in The Sunday Age, the Fairfax media should stop indoctrinating the readers that are left and just do what's the journalists' task and report without bias.

    It is a start, that Mark Kenny wrote today
    Support for an Australian republic has slumped to its lowest level in more than three decades just as royal enthusiasm reaches fever pitch over the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.
    ... more than half of all Australians now believe the switch to a republic is unnecessary with 51 per cent opposing any such move and only 42 per cent backing it. That's down from a high of 58 per cent in 1999 and represents the lowest pro-republican sentiment in 35 years.
    Just 28 per cent of respondents aged between 18 and 24 years, backed the idea of an Australian head of state, whereas 60 per cent said no to the idea.

    In Queensland, monarchist sympathy is highest with 58 per cent in favour of maintaining the Queen as Australia's head of state. Only 37 per cent want that to change.

    There is little comfort for republicans in the "don't know" category either. Just 7 per cent said they had no opinion when asked if Australia should become a republic the lowest undecided figure since the 1999 referendum and second lowest since 1979.
    A hearty welcome to the royal couple and happy days in Australia!

    Prince William carries Prince George to Australia, while Prime Minister Tony Abbott looks over Prince William's shoulder.