Media Release: Drug Law Reform Party Registers with AEC, 10th May 2013

It is Official!* We’re about to have a party....Australia’s own Drug Law Reform Party!
Thanks to an overwhelming response from their recent membership drive, the newly incorporated Drug Law Reform Australia has the numbers to register as a political party for the next Federal Election.
According to Greg Chipp, President of Drug Law Reform Australia, “We’ve garnered 750 signups in three months with 550 members confirmed on the electoral roll. We’re currently submitting our application as this is well in excess of the Australian Electoral Commission’s requirements.” The AEC registration process will take about 10 weeks.
“We are more than a political party; we are now a political movement.” Mr Chipp proclaimed. “Thanks to the overwhelming response from the Australian public, we have won the right to put the words ‘Drug Law Reform’ on 13 million ballot papers in the September Federal Election.”
Greg Denham, newly elected Vice-President of Drug Law Reform Australia and a former Senior Sergeant in the Victoria Police, agrees stating “We aim to become the lightning rod for serious community discussion about the catastrophic failure of current drug policies. We'll keep making a noise until the mainstream parties also realise that this is a neglected issue that affects all Australians.”
The first order of business for Australia’s newest political force is a call for expressions of interest from potential Senate candidates.
“Our success depends on good people, preferably those with an existing public profile who are prepared to *step up and carry this much maligned cause forward”, Mr Chipp asserts. “It’s a role well suited to retired police officers, judges, lawyers, teachers, academics, healthcare professionals or former politicians -* those that know the true cost of the failed war on drugs.” he added.
About Drug Law Reform Australia
Drug Law Reform Australia exists to raise awareness of the ongoing harm being done to our children, families, institutions, and society in general, by the current harm maximising drug laws.
The party maintains that drug use can be dangerous and problematic drug abuse is a major health concern, however criminalising drug use does more harm than good.
Drug Law Reform Australia believes that the focus of drug policy in Australia must shift from law enforcement and policing to health strategies.
With these reforms, the huge amount of public money currently squandered on the failed ‘War on Drugs’ can be re-allocated to improving health services for those struggling with dependency.
For media enquiries, please call Greg Chipp on 0417 773 372, or Greg Denham on 0424 193 857.
Media Release 11th April 2013 DRUG SEIZURE NO ICEBREAKER

Greg Chipp, president of Drug law Reform Australia says that the recent $205 million police seizure of methamphetamine on the Melbourne waterfront will have little or no impact on the drug market in Australia.
Greg Chipp, said “It will have minimal effect on supply, other than perhaps increasing the street price. This will result in additional profit and incentive for the criminal syndicates that control the market.”
Another high profile member of Drug Law Reform Australia, Mr Greg Denham, a former Senior Sergeant in the Victoria Police, said, “At best only 10-15% of all illicit drugs imported into Australia are seized by border protection services.” Mr Denham added that for every drug dealer arrested and taken off the streets, two more are ready to take their place.
Greg Chipp recalls that his late father the Honourable Don Chipp, who was Federal Minister for Customs and Excise in the early 1970s, shocked the nation 45 years ago by declaring that his department could intercept no more than 10% of illicit drug imports.
The policy of drug prohibition has not been effective, and the criminalisation of recreational drugs is an utter failure that cause more harm than good.
Drug Law Reform Australia proposes that the focus of drug policy in Australia must shift from law enforcement and policing to harm reduction strategies. Decriminalising, regulating and taxing currently illicit drugs will largely eliminate the market that feeds the criminal syndicates.
The huge amount of wasted public money currently spent on the failed War on Drugs can then be allocated toward improving health outcomes and mitigate the related social harms.
For media enquiries, please call Greg Chipp on 0417 773 372, or Greg Denham on 0424 193 857.
Media Release Sunday 3rd March

Almost 45 years after his father Don Chipp founded the Australian Democrats, Melbourne resident Greg Chipp is launching a new political party, Drug Law Reform Australia, with the aim of fielding candidates at the next federal election.
Drug Law Reform Australia is having a media launch at 2.00pm this Sunday the 3rd of March at the Old Melbourne Magistrates Court, 377 Russell St, Melbourne.
"We are not pro-drugs though we support decriminalisation, regulation and harm minimisation of currently illegal drugs" Mr Chipp said.
One of the catalysts for forming a single issue Drug Law Reform political party is the apparent refusal of the traditional political parties to even discuss drug law reform.
“Our premise is that the major parties will continue to pursue their own self interest with populist “tough on crime” policies.", Greg argues, "They will only address the issue of drug law reform when pressed by the electorate.”
“The fundamental aim of any political party is to engage directly with the public and gain support for an idea or an issue. My hope is that a political party focused solely on drug law reform will help legitimatise the drug law reform agenda which has for too often been ignored or ridiculed. I believe the Australian public is much more receptive to reasoned argument than the major parties give them credit for."
To consolidate the movement for Drug Law Reform, we've set the target of gaining "500 members in 50 days". Popular support for this initial membership drive will allow us to register as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission and demonstrate the public’s commitment to raising the issue of drug law reform at the coming Election.
We're building our membership through our website, affiliate networks and a social media presence on Facebook (Drug Law Reform Australia) and Twitter (@DrugLawReformAU).
Drug Law Reform Australia invite*all media*to the launch and welcome all media enquires.
The following speakers will address the media.
  • Greg Chipp - President/Convener of Drug Law Reform Australia Inc.
  • Greg Denham - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  • Marion McConnell - Friends and Families for Drug Law Reform

The old Melbourne Magistrates Court is in Russell St, Melbourne, near the corner of Russell*and La Trobe Streets (Building 20 of the RMIT Complex).
The entrance to the building is in a lane, 40 metres north up Russell Street – a Drug Law Reform Australia volunteer will be there to help you get to the right place.
We look forward to seeing you Sunday!
For all media enquiries: Greg Chipp on 0417 773 372.