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    July Update Drug Law Reform Party
    It's Game on!
    We're delighted to announce our registration as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission!
    We have the right to put the words "Drug Law Reform" on 14 million Senate ballot papers. With your help we can use the democratic process to reform the current "Harm Maximising" Drug Laws.
    I'd like to thank all our supporters for helping us achieve this amazing milestone.
    But it is very important that we maintain our momentum over the next few months.
    We are establishing capacities in these areas:
    • Fundraising
    • 2 Senate candidates in all states
    • Establish candidate support groups in all states
    • Election campaign strategy
    • Social Media campaign strategy
    • Prepare Election Policy and Fact sheets

    Fundraising continues to be a high priority and is taking up much of our time.
    We are seeking to raise at least $90,000 over the next couple of months, to finance our election campaign. This money will allow us to run Senate tickets in all states and pay for a targeted Social Media advertising/marketing campaign.
    Things to note:
    • As a registered political party, the first $1,500 of any donation is tax deductible; and
    • Any donation above $12,400 must be disclosed to Australian Electoral Commission.

    We still need help from someone with fundraising experience to manage this important role.
    Major Donor Campaign
    We are conducting a letter/email Major Donor Campaign and hope to attract *significant donations of between $1,000 to $10,000.
    If you know anyone who might be interested in making a significant donation, we'd like to hear from you.
    Facebook $10 donation Drive
    We have launched a $10 donation Drive on Facebook to raise as many small donations as possible.
    Here is a link to the $10 Donation page. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.
    We are asking for just $10 and a further request to share with 2 friends. This should not be hard considering that 1 in 3 Australians have used an illicit drug and over 10% have recently used cannabis.
    With an election looming (I reckon it will be in later October or November) we need to finalise our candidates for the Senate.
    We have identified several candidates in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT, and are still looking for quality candidates in South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.
    Some of our pre-selection candidates include:
    • Tony Trimingham OAM Founder of Family Drug Support Australia - NSW
    • Miles Hunt Lawyer with a passion for human rights - NSW
    • Greg Chipp Convenor of Drug Law Reform Australia - Victoria
    • Dr John Sherman Drug Addiction Specialist*- Victoria
    • Paul Cubitt President Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Aust - ACT

    We are still looking for quality Senate candidates preferably with media experience and an existing public profile.
    Our success in leading the way forward for Drug Law Reform in Australia depends on good people stepping up to the challenge.
    Please forward any suggestions.
    State Groups Meetings
    We've had successful meetings in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane with meetings planned for Sydney and Adelaide shortly.
    About a dozen members attended our first meeting in Canberra. Please email Paul Cubitt for more details about further activities in the ACT at this email address:
    About 10 people attended the first Brisbane meeting and the group plans to have regular weekly meetings. Ray Dowling has set up a Queensland Facebook Group which will coordinate activities in this enormous state. Here is the link: Qleensland Facebook Group
    We will have a meeting in Sydney sometime in the next few weeks and will email NSW members the place and time on our website and Facebook page.
    We are looking for coordinators and/or candidate support groups in South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory. If you are interested in convening a local group please get in touch and we will assist with publishing the event.
    Thanks to everyone who responded to our call for volunteers. We are in the process of following up with everyone. But we still need more people to help us get the message out, particularly online.
    We are looking for people with experience in managing a social media marketing campaign. This will be pivotal to our election strategy and electoral success.
    We are also looking for writers and journalist to handle public relations, media and copyrighting tasks.
    Any web developers who are familiar with Drupal or CiviCRM (our membership management software) would be especially welcome.
    If you are prepared to volunteer a bit of your time, then please get in touch.
    Finally, let's speak up about drug law reform and give those many Australians who share our vision the opportunity to have their vote count at the upcoming Federal Election.
    Greg Chipp
    Drug Law Reform Australia inc.
    $20 Election
    We have launched a Campaign to raise as many small $20 donations as possible. Please follow this link and email it to anyone you think may be will to donate.
    Click Here to Donate
    Just $20 will help.

    We are asking for just $20 but further ask that you email this request to 2 sympathetic friends.
    Melbourne Meeting
    Next Melbourne Campaign Meeting
    Date:*Thursday 25th July
    Where: FAD Bar & Gallery
    Address: Upstairs, 14 Corrs Lane, Chinatown, Melbourne. (Just off Little Bourke Street)
    Time: 6.00pm - 7.30
    All welcome.
    Help organise a
    Party Meeting
    We have had successful public meetings in Melbourne and Canberra and Brisbane.
    Contact us if you'd like to organise a group in your local area - Have your own small gathering, BBQ or even a "drug law reform party" party?
    "Over one's mind and over one's body the individual is sovereign." - On Liberty
    John Stuart Mill 1859
    "Prohibition makes a crime out of things that are not crimes."
    Abraham Lincoln 1840
    "I think it's absolutely disgraceful that our government,... should be in the position of converting people who are not harming others into criminals, of destroying their lives, putting them in jail."
    Milton Friedman 1991
    Candidates Wanted
    We are still looking for quality Senate candidates preferably with media experience and an existing public profile. If you are interested please contact Greg Chipp or register on our website.
    Register your Interest Here.
    Youtube Channel

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    End drug Prohibition
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