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Julie Bishop deputy leader of the Liberal Party will lead the Liberals to the next election. A victory for Bishop is imminent as Tony Abbott steps aside to support women in power and women leaders.

The tactic move to put Kevin Rudd back in the seat of power is short term. Julia Gillard now resigning means her electorate will go to a liberal seat.

The big decision for the Liberals is to allow Julie Bishop to challenge Kevin Rudd and win voters over to a conservative female leader.
One that is not going to support same sex marriage. One that is going to stop the boats.

The jury will be the Australian voters who want a more stable government. Not factions and a left wing policies. The Greens will not gain anymore power. Almost a guarantee by wikileaks. And their power plays.

It will be the dawning of a new era. A swing to the Liberals as a fair go for right wing women in power.
And that will be a sovereign acknowledgement.