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Emerald Rainbow Run 2014

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  • Emerald Rainbow Run 2014

    Colourful Fun at the Rainbow Run! 

    The O’Brien family having fun at the Rainbow Run on Sunday 30 March, in support of BUSHkids.
    “My Daughter Laura attended the 'Pre Prep' program at the Emerald BUSHkids in 2011 and was also the winner of this year’s colouring competition for the Rainbow Run, much excitement in our house. Our son James was able to do a Pre Prep program at the Comet State School last year to set him up for his years of primary education at Comet.
    Comet State School is a small country school of approx. 35 students, we have two teachers and two full time teacher aides, so we are pretty lucky, we also have a support teacher which the P&C put money towards. 7 of our students took part in the 'Rainbow Run' today plus their younger siblings. There was also 2 students who were members of the dance & cheer squad who performed at the beginning and one of our teachers was there as well... pretty good turnout for a little School.  A lot of our families have gained from the support of the 'BUSHkids’ in Emerald and only fair that we support them in return.”
    Dianne O’Brien (via email to Carlton Meyn, General Manager)
    Thank you very much to the Emerald Rainbow Run team and all who volunteered and supported on the day – marvellous turnout on a very hot day, with lots of colourful fun had by all! 


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