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$8.99 330ml each

Yes you got it right $54.00 a 6pk from Japan 8% alcohol.
I have to tread gently as some people must love this stuff.

That said it pored with a flat head it had a cloudy ginger hue.

Had no great smell of ginger or the heat (flavour) that goes with ginger.

In fact it had no great beer smell or taste either, Guys I thought it was a shocker, bugger me $9.00 a stubby you have to be joking!

It has a very pretty label a ginger root with red pants and a green top holding a beer. STOP right there - keep on walking while you have a chance - do not be fooled pretty labels quite often mean DANGER And I have to repeat my self it’s a shocker!

I am not even going to admit that I tasted this one.