Acme California Pale Ale

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$27.00 6pk

If you read the label around the neck...."This classically styled pale ale, malty Acme P/A is brewed with Yakima Valley hops. American two row malt and British specialty malts for depth.

After the blurb on the label I was expecting to be impressed...American two row malts, British specialty malts for depth....

Well the label looks great!

And that was the best part I found the beer to have a palate cleansing ale effect all bubbles and a clean finish, but no flavour or depth at all and the nose showed nothing, no aroma, a bit of a let down really.

This is not my preferred pale ale style and it’s that simple.

I have become used to the Australian styles with more aromatics and real depth of flavour.

So if you want a pretty label buy this beer, if you are used to Australian P/A, get a Red Duck, now there’s a Pale Ale.

I enjoy a beer but I did not find this P/A to my liking.

I did have it with Asian food and it worked well. However it’s not what I would call a session beer, one with the meal was enough.

Michael Lillis
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