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    I went out for a drink last Saturday and tried a Pils on tap in a long glass Well I fell in love again with Pilsner.
    And it looks seductive in that long glass,

    That long glass is the reason the beer taste so much better its just the right shape to deliver the right taste for that style.

    So I went straight down to my local bottle shop and picked up the only Pilsener they had in the fridge TRUMER PILS.

    Have not had this beer for some years, its better than I remember it to taste.

    The beer itself is quite elegant it has under lying fruit with a hint and I mean just a hint of honey on the nose and palate backed up with a wonderful bitter hops finish.

    Everything is in perfect balance and the best thing is that it is imported and not made under licence. (So the beer tastes as it should.)

    Why does it taste so good?
    The Sigl family has owned this brewery since 1775 and they use traditional methods today as they did then.
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