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    The most important thing you need to understand about artisan beer makers is they go out of there way to source the right hops and the best barley, some beers are even aged in oak and not mass-produced in large stainless steel tanks by computers and men in white coats with hard hats.

    The first rule for enjoyment of a craft beer is: Drink them from a suitable glass to get all the aroma and flavour and love that the brewer has worked so hard to achieve.

    Drink from the stubby and you miss out on a lot of flavour and NO aroma,
    that said lets look at the first two beers. I getting thirsty.

    MOO BREW Pilsner

    Click image for larger version

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    I drink my beer from a large red wine glass

    A perfect white head on top of a golden beer, fine bubbles rising to the top there is a wonderful hop aroma and a crisp clean palate with a soft bitterness that gets right into the sides of your tongue and flows down the back of your through a good full flavored beer that hangs on well after you finish drinking.

    MOO BREW Pale Ale

    Click image for larger version

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    Pale Ale my foot it’s a dark roast toffee colour, not much in the way of bubbles and thin cover of white foam (head).

    Wow, the nose is pungent it hit you like a brick at first, oranges very floral and a great full flavour with the floral notes flowing onto the palate mix with a bitterness kicking in at the end.

    This beer dare I say is quite complex I haven't even mentioned the malt entwined with floral notes and finishing with a round bitterness filling the mouth with flavour. There is that F word again.

    I have always enjoyed Pale Ale but this is a real surprise!

    Michael Lillis
    I enjoy my food and wine and now the weather is warm a beer or two cant hurt either.