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ID:	34476Beer, that brew that created civilisation*, now has a new critic to help us sift between the hops and the wheat and and explain why each of these golden drops is so special...or not!

    * Ogg and Thogg, the bad boys of the tribe...obviously because they were always sent in advance of the tribe to make sure that their was a warning about predators (their maimed screams the signal), happened to be well advanced of the tribe's advance.

    Basic hunters and gatherers, the tribe moved from seasonal harvest to seasonal forage, Ogg and Thogg were bemused and stunned when they finally came the spring paddocks where they collected seeds and grains and ground them for bread.

    For within their mortar was a frothing brew of a like they hadn't seen they scooped into their hands, their first tentative sips, their simple biology taking in this new information reacted in such a way that they danced, talked shit to each other, threw up and went unconscious!

    Civilisation was born!
    Our wine reviewer, MAX, has decided to stretch his taste buds on our behalf, bugger of a job, and bring us reviews of some of the lesser known labels and great beers of the planet.

    As you can tell he looks like a man that enjoys his piss!

    You can find MAX at the Renaissance IGA in Fitzroy Street's Metropol Precinct where he manages the bottle shop and has an eye out for TT readers