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There's no fun in playing too safe

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  • There's no fun in playing too safe

    One of our six Core Human needs is Certainty. We all need to feel safe & secure but sometimes it is at the detriment of living the fulfilled & enriched life that we deserve.
    Are you waiting for all your ducks to line up before you take a step forward or are you living the motto that most successful business people live and that is to say Yes, then work out How.
    When is the last time that you set yourself a goal that really scared you, one that would stretch your comfort zone & challenge you to face your fears head on.
    Are you docked at the harbour, playing small and not allowing all of your resources that you already have inside you shine?
    Embrace uncertainty & take steps forward to achieve that goal that you know once achieved, will make a tremendous difference in your life. Stop the excuses & back yourself like your best mentor would. The time to live your dream life is Now.