Upcoming Events
Mod Version: 1.00, by ngcoders (Coder



Today I found a little bit of code from the above developer that allows us to have a little gig guide widget that we can float onto anyone's template or any section that requires one.

Simple, but effective, now all up coming gigs will be displayed on the Home Page so not only members can have access.


We have a TAGG GIG GUIDE auto calendar that Contributor memberships can have full display control or the public can place random gigs. I will keep this option open whilst peeps post nice, don't want to moderate unless necessary.

Post your live act, venues full guide, arts or community event...whatever, as you post we will streamline the pages so that they best represent your style of event, or with the right permissions you can style and post through the main Content as well.



Our Default Calendar is set to the TAGG EVENT GUIDE so anyone clicking on calendars can see the full range of gigs listed, past and present. Each category of entertainment can also have its own specific calendar of events, no problem!


The direct link to be able to post your gig is found HERE and you will also find it at the top of the Home Page - just click on the link and post your gig. To be able to upload photos and videos of your band to assist your promo you will have to join the Toorak Times Newspaper's Social Network.

Give it a go, can't hurt, and we are open to suggestions as to best refine these tools to best advantage our community.