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  • Baroness Madeleine von Hohenfels
    Re: Create a Banner for your page!

    Are there any special treatments to creating a really classy Photo Gallery that really attracts a Following and maybe sponsorship could follow...
    sorry edtor and chief 2 questions in one there
    Baroness M.

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  • Mick Pacholli
    started a topic Create a Banner for your page!

    Create a Banner for your page!

    Toorak Times has an amazing tool for graphic artists or photgraphers that don't want or can't afford to buy into Photoshop.

    If you already know Photoshop this will be a doddle, but we will incorporate as many How to's as possible so anyone can learn to create professional banners and ads for free.

    In this tutorial, we show you how to make a banner using some stock images and the text tool in Pixlr.

    In addition, you'll be learning to use the wand tool, free transform tool, and some layer style options.

    Please subscribe to my channel to see more Pixlr Tutorials and also checkout my website:
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