The Quarrelmen are:-
Jeff Wiener – guitar/vocals/keyboards
Langdon Rodda – bass/vocals/keyboards
Dave Hannan – keyboards/vocals/percussion/guitar
Gavin Gray – drums/vocals/percussion
Dave Atkins – guitar/vocals/percussion
The Quarrelmen’s first show in November 1998 showcased “The White Album” with subsequent shows having included performances of the “Abbey Road” and “Revolver” albums and many other songs from all Beatles releases.
The Quarrelmen are no ordinary cover band.  They don’t dress up.  They don’t do accents.  They just play the songs really well.
Get more Beatles for your buck – FIVE piece band – TWO big sets
It’s melodic!  It’s awesome!  It’s totally live!  It rocks!  See you there!!
See you there!!
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