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News: We’re making changes to FBi on digital radio

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  • News: We’re making changes to FBi on digital radio

    On July 5, FBi 94.5 is returning to digital radio (DAB+) and replacing FBi Click. The two will become one.
    Your favourite shows from FBi Click are joining our regular programming on 94.5fm and DAB. You’ll hear Body Promise, Motorik, Picnic, Purple Sneakers and Bare Necessities each week on FM, digital radio and online.
    Tune in from 6pm on June 5 for Sunset with Simon Caldwell as we make the switch.

    Why are we disbanding FBi Click?

    Digital radio listening is increasing rapidly, and you’ve told us you want to hear FBi 94.5 on digital.
    By late 2016, almost 23% of 10-17 year olds and 17.5% of 18-24 year olds were listening to DAB+. In 2009, that figure was 2.3% and 1.1%.
    In our recent listener survey, we asked if you would listen to FBi 94.5FM if it was on digital radio. 27% of respondents replied ‘regularly’ and 11% said ‘all the time’.
    When we launched FBi Click, we saw a great opportunity to take a risk and try out something different with this new DAB+ thing. It’s been a wild ride. Over the past three years, FBi Click has introduced us to some wonderful people and sounds. It’s cemented the important place that dance music has always had and will always have on FBi Radio.
    But we have a significant and growing audience who want to hear 94.5 on digital radio. We’ve cultivated a unique audience for FBi Click, but we need to have our main offering on DAB+.
    Supporting a vibrant community for dance music in Sydney remains as important to us as ever.
    That’s why we’re taking your favourite programs from FBi Click and finding them homes on FBi 94.5fm, giving you the best of both worlds in one station, and helping these collectives reach an even wider audience.

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