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Six emerging acts you’ll hear on India’s first independent radio station

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  • Six emerging acts you’ll hear on India’s first independent radio station

    Photo: Bangalore’s Aniruddh Menon 
    India has just got a brand new radio station showcasing alternative music and culture – and there’s an ex-FBi volunteer at the helm.
    With the massive success of online stations like London’s NTS Radio and Rinse FM, it’s now New Delhi’s turn to step into the spotlight. wants to grow a creative community around its rapidly emerging cultural scene, and provide a platform for new local artists. Currently, Indian audiences are less likely to have regular access to music outside of festivals, concerts, clubs and a handful of music blogs. With a burgeoning independent music scene, these new sounds and ideas need a home.
    Dhruva Balram, ex FBi volunteer and co-host of Goodgod Sound Unlimited on FBi Click, is one of the legends behind the launch of India’s first online community radio station. Dhruva told us how it all came together.
    “After leaving FBi and Sydney, I lived in rural India for the majority of a year and a half, working in various spaces. But when it was time for me to rejoin a city and music scene, Wild City’s name was at the top of the list due to its importance in India’s alternative culture.
    “Having consulted with Boiler Room in its introduction to India, along with bringing the likes of Ratatat, Kutmah, Floating Points and many more to the country for its annual Magnetic Fields Festival and Various Artists series, there was undoubtedly only one place I was hoping to work for – and they just happened to be hiring for a Head of Content position.”
    So, what are they going to play on Dhruva selected six emerging producers and collective from India that he can’t get enough of right now. Listen and learn below!

    Tanya Nambiar – Good Old Days

    This was a submission I received and it blew me away. Nambiar’s throaty voice glides impeccably over a walking bass-lines allowing them to hang melodiously over this track. The lyrics keep the song engaging and intriguing, ensuring that this jazzy, bluesy number stands out.


    This dark, ominous tune by Delhi-based FILM is a great introduction to his work and latest EP, HOPE. Bass-heavy, it sounds like the amalgamation of several ideas concocted really well into a beat that sticks with you long past the first listen. Each layer has been meticulously thought about, ensuring that nothing feels out of place.

    Ninja- 2 Sides

    Lowlit, an artist collective, record label and a multi-platform cultural curator, released a compilation of beats produced by participants of a workshop based in Mumbai and subsequently Bangalore. The participants were challenged to make a beat using random samples selected by them in 45 minutes. This one, titled ‘2 Sides’ by Ninja, is my favourite.

    Consolidate (collective)

    For me, the Consolidate crew, as a collective, are making the best music in India. Whether it’s RHL_, Blindnight, Worms’ Cottage, Disco Puppet, Pardafash, Aerate Sound or Aniruddh Menon, their music is unmatched. Favourites for me right now are Aniruddh Menon and Aerate Sound’s respective debut albums, Lovesongs and Only For External.
    Lovesongs is a journey through nostalgia, sentiment and love is produced beautifully. Every track takes you back to your childhood in India.
    Lovesongs by Aniruddh Menon
    Aerate Sound’s Only For External was so surprisingly good that the duo played Boiler Room on 7 April off the back of its success. I guess there’s a reason why RHL_, so-called Consolidate leader, was tapped to play the first-ever Boiler Room in India.

    Kumail – February

    Knowmad Records is another interesting project. They house two artists that are doing remarkable things: Profound and Kumail. ‘February’ is the intro track to Kumail’s latest EP, From You to Blue. Like the EP, the single is a teaser for a project that isn’t fully refined but has all the makings of a launchpad to success with rapid-fire hi-hats that drift in the background over a lackadaisical voice.

    Profound – Sentences for Dilla

    The first single of his EP, fre$h, Profound’s ‘Sentences for Dilla’ sounds like a tribute to the late, great producer J Dilla. All the boom-bap of peak Dilla is there along with Profound’s fresh take on it. Laced with a piano that slides over the drums, this track is barely a minute-long but showcases Profound’s talent.

    Keep an ear on these guys and discover new sounds at

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