Reviewing art with art – for art’s sake! This edition, Emerald Dunn shares her experience of the Splinter Orchestra performance at the brand new gallery space beneath Freda’s.
“The bar was pretty busy, people were milling around and hanging out. I grabbed my beer then headed downstairs to Down / Under Space gallery, where the candid chatter faded and I was suddenly captivated by the masterful chaos of The Splinter Orchestra.
The band has sought to defy convention for roughly 15 years, cultivating a rich soundscape with an unconventional range of instruments. Their two-part set was filled with unusual styles of performance – they scratched at the strings of their guitars instead of strumming, hit drums sporadically, incorporated ambient electronic loops from a laptop and produced sounds from a myriad of found objects, all while a stirring recital of poetry cut through the cacophony.
The performance was totally unrestrained and brilliant, with the second half incorporating an immersive and frantic light show that culminated in a full body sensory experience.”
The Splinter Orchestra will be performing again at Down / Under Space later on in the year. Stay tuned.

Splinter Orchestra, Down Under Space, 23rd February 2017. Illustration by Emerald Dunn.

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