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    Cabaret Review by Matthew Grant
    What: The Three of Us
    When: 18 – 21 June @ 8pm
    Where: fortyfivedownstairs
    Performed by Michael Dalton, Rachel Dunham and Luke Gallagher
    Wandering up and down the fortyfivedownstairs staircase to an open warehouse space that twists and turns and reinvents itself with each new show is a fun, Melbourne thing to do.
    fortyfivedownstairs is currently playing The Three of Us , a Deany-Martini stirred n shaken, kinda show. You can rock along and be assured of a good night out. It’s a bottle of bubbles, a gaggle of giggles and a “yabba-dabba-dadda-dabba said the monkey to the chimp”, hoot of a good time.
    The Three of Us showcases the works of three of Melbourne’s up-n-comin’ players: Michael Dalton, Luke Gallagher and Rachael Dunham. Essentially it’s a pint-sized Rat Pack cabaret show.
    What I like about The Three of Us, is that it’s very much a snap shot of where Cabaret sits in Melbourne’s live entertainment scene at the moment. At fortyfivedownstairs, a show needs to be self-produced, pull an audience and be able to deliver an evenings entertainment. The Three of Us ticks all the boxes.
    For your $40 you’ve got a drink in your hand and you’re being entertained by some mighty fine performers. The show’s running gag plays the card “But I thought I was the star of the show” – and whilst Dalton, Gallagher and Dunham milk the very crap outta this joke – it serves to show off just what these three talented individuals can do.
    Rachael Dunham is kickin’ ass with her Oprifiaction show presently. After a hugely successful run at Chapel Off Chapel, she’s bound for New York to throw her hat onto the American stage. She’s got a good product and lordy-be the gal can sing. She’s sassy, been around the block enough times to sing the blues and knows how to fill out a frock sexceptionally well. I like this gal. She can belt out a Whitney n shimmy me a torch song any night.
    Luke Gallagher is a stayer in the live theatre circuit. He’s been in and outta the game over the past 20 years and knows his shtick. He sings well, revels in holding the stage and can be both the straight man and brunt of the joke simultaneously – and this is no mean feat. I’ve seen a lot of Gallagher over the years and he consistently delivers.
    Michael Dalton, the man up Dolly Diamond’s skirt, is what I call an “R.T”: a Rare Talent. He posses the ability to completely surrender to the moment and just go there… His comedic rhythm is so on tap and his irreverent wit just kills me. I look at Michael Dalton and I laugh. He opens his mouth and I laugh. He raises an eyebrow and I laugh some more. Michael Dalton is funny. I’ve seen a lot of stage time from Dalton’s alter ego, Dolly Diamond, and perhaps it’s been through Dolly that Dalton has mastered a fearlessness on stage. Whatever “it” is, he’s got it!
    As part of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, The Three of Us only has a short run in Melbourne. Blink and it’s all over. There are lashings of live entertainment choice for your bucks in this town and we all want to spend it wisely. Purchasing a ticket to The Three of Us is a wise investment. It ensures that the light fantastic continues to trip and a vibrant industry grows. So don’t miss out. Walk down those fortyfivedownstairs stairs and be part of an exciting, unique Melbourne experience.
    4 Stars