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Mooshim play the Melbourne Fringe Festival

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  • Mooshim play the Melbourne Fringe Festival

    "The combo successfully blur the lines between modern, avant-garde and post-jazz , Sheer sonic class and professionalism on all counts"
    Rave Magazine

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    Mooshim, a Brisbane Based ensemble that is proud to announce its tour to the Melbourne Fringe Festival on the 21st and 22nd of September at the Substation.

    Mooshim, (Previously The Quadratic Contingency) is a cinematic improvisational ensemble that explores the grey areas that otherwise define typical genres such as 3rd Stream, Minimalism, organic improvisational & 21st Century Art Music.

    Mooshim is known both for it's awe inspiring performances while also collaborating across musical genres and creative disciplines. Such collaborations have included a residency writing music for silent films at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), producing and performing music for the experimental film documentary, 'Flood Plains' and hosting performances that feature special guests such as poets, spoken word artists and string quartets.

    Mooshim recently featured at the Brisbane Festival's Under the Radar program where it presented, produced and performed along to an experimental film documentary, Flood Plains. The performances where well received with outstanding reviews,

    ..The Music makes it. I felt tears prickling in the corners of my eyes, and, more than once, had to gulp back a real response to a haunting note or the pause of an interview subject AMBER GWYNNE: Critical Mass Mooshim has featured in a variety of festivals including The Trilling wire Festival, Crossbows Festival, The Brisbane Festival and the Valley Jazz Festival. Mooshim during 2011finished a two-month residency at the Gallery of Modern Art writing while performing music for silent Alfred Hitchcock Films to which the seminal work to arrive from this commission Autumn Journals, was recorded and presented on ABC national as a feature piece for the Australian Music Month.
    Mooshim launched in 202 it s second EP >>>> at the Brisbane jazz club which received remarkable reviews.

    "With a groovy piano riff and near-musique concr te, string scrapes before the whole merry racket ivory, flights, trumpet attacks, explosive drum finale comes to life. Pleasantly refreshing"

    DENIS SEMCHENKO: Rave Magazine

    In 2010, Mooshim launched their debut self titled EP at the Globe Theatre to what was described by critics as one of the most outstanding performances of the year.

    The Ep itself has been warmly received as one of the most original EP releases of 2010. It has received national air play and was featured on Sound Quality ABC National.

    'This self-released debut EP manages to go a long way in capturing a snapshot of the group s eclectic nature, with the three tracks on offer here representing an extremely impressive first taster of their sound.

    Chris Downton (Cyclic Frost)

    '..made for science teachers and the mentally ill. Intelligent, tasty, cool.. enjoy them like wine that's too normal and too weird'.

    Time Off Magazine

    'A Moody Mix of Violin and Viola.. Powerful and Piercing Voice.. A stabbing wail over crescendoing drums.. clarinet twittering.. Rumbling Percussion.. The Quadratic Contingency make me want to start flipping rocks with abandon again; Jody McGregor, Rave Magazine

    Mooshim previewed their debut performance during 2009 alongside the nationally acclaimed ensemble, The West End Composers Collective and has since then played with International touring phenomenonTrichotomy and nationally acclaimed Robert Davidson (Topology).

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    -Please be advised, Mooshim has recently changed it s name and has performed under the name, The Quadratic Contingency

    Flood Plains: http://www.brisbanefestivalarchive.c...w/flood-plains
    Flood Plains Review:
    ABC Feature:
    GoMA Commission: