Hi all,

We are hosting monthly fundraisers that raise awareness through your support and donations for a cause, on a quarterly basis. We hope to find the right organizations through public opinion and research in our attempt to make a difference, collectively. Featuring a repertoire of artists, musicians, performers, Djs, producers, singers etc, rotating on a monthly basis in hope to express our love for those a little less fortunate, and in desperate need.

Quarter 1 (July, August, September) : Autism Awareness

Essentially, (it is a free party) we are not charging entry at this gig, whilst there is an optional 'Gold Coin Donation' that you can opt-in for (by donating $2 or more). The funds raised therefrom will be forwarded in full, to an organization supporting autistic children so together we can help the cause, by opting in. If you turn up at the gig, we won't be expecting you to donate if you don't wish to, and you will get free entry (no questions asked) as we would simply love to see you dance and help us spread awareness (by donating money and/ or your time to this amazing cause).

Meanwhile, we will be researching and looking for an organization that seems as transparent as possible in its activities, so we can ensure that all funds generated are forwarded in full (without any administration costs being deducted). Therefore, we welcome your opinion on which organization to go for, so we can make an informed decision and take a small step in helping the people that need it most. We feel very passionately about this cause, and think there is not enough help for our autistic friends and their Australian families. So, please feel free to give us your inputs on this matter as we would really like to extend our friendly hand towards these great beings with special needs.

Some facts : http://www.1000hours.com.au/facts-about-autism

Some of the organizations in consideration :

1. Ricky Stuart Foundation - http://www.rickystuart.org/
2. Amaze - http://www.autismvictoria.org.au/home/
3. Aspect - http://www.autismspectrum.org.au/a2i...87/welcome.htm
4. Autism Partnership Aus - Little Learner's Autism Program - http://www.autismpartnership.com.au/...sAutismProgram
5. Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre - http://www.latrobe.edu.au/otarc/
6. GAPS Australia - http://gapsaustralia.com.au/a-short-...-a-big-thanks/
7. The Lab - http://www.thelab.org.au/

If you know about any other societies (supporting Autism) that you would like us to look into, please forward us a link and help us help them.

:: Line up ::

We have recently signed a producer from Melbourne - KadeFx . His new EP 'Scramble Your Senses' is scheduled for a global release in the next few weeks. To celebrate this happy moment for Mr. KadeFx, we have organized a free party, and would love for you all to join us in congratulating the lad for his tunes.

~Jewelz ~

~Adam Small~

~Nikki Zibell AKA Ninja~

~Spintwist Records~

~Freaky Frequency~

~Cosmic Dayo~

~Tech-Aid AKA Shantaraam~
~Soundkraft Records~

~KadeFx~ (Scramble Your Senses EP Launch Set)

More support acts, official event flier, and details to be announced shortly.

Date: Saturday, 28th July 2012
Time : 9 PM - 3 AM
Venue : The Order of Melbourne
Levels 2 & 3, 401 Swanston Street (Including rooftop chill space)
Melbourne CBD, Victoria, 3000

Hope to see you there !

For more information or to contact us, please visit :