• May LOVE See Us All Through . . .

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      As I sit in the sorrow of the loss of life in Lebanon and Paris through the act of terrorism in the last few days I observe a love so deep in my heart that cannot be destroyed by these senseless acts.

      At times this is more easily said than done.

      Sometimes the pain inflicted by human beings on each other is so deep that it feels impossible to find my way through. The darkness is so overwhelming that I feel like sobbing. I feel it is impossible to move this pain and I allow myself to sit and write the pain.

      As I write I know in my heart there is a way through and all I have to do is open to Love and allow love to radiate from within me and share it with everyone that crosses my path.

      If each of us digs deep into our hearts in our darkest moments I believe we can find Love and share it so others can feel it too.

      I may not have all the answers ... I do have Love to see me through.

      May Love see us all through this experience called life.

      Jude xoxoxo

      Copyright (C) 2015 Judy Taylor


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