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What rock must people be living under to think very high paid sports people were not using something to help their performances or cheating in some way or another.
When MONEY is involved in ANYTHING people will cheat, lie, bribe, blackmail, manipulate or use any means they think will work.
Human beings have cheated in some way or other since time began.
The REAL crooks aren't in jail.
The majority of people in jail are just stupid individuals who thought they could beat the system by committing crimes rather than work, or low life scum who commit terrible crimes against other people.
The smart crooks very really go to jail, they run and/or control organizations and businesses, some are even in the Government. Surprise, Surprise.
If the governments were half smart they would legalise all drugs, control the sale and use in a more sensible way than they try to do now, and get more taxes.
Police could then spend more time and resources catching the really dumb people who rob the likes of the elderly and "normal" people and stop wasting time and money on something they will never eradicate.
Apart from committing crime to get their fix, most drug users are less harmful to society than alcohol users.
As for deaths, there are more deaths from things like cancer than from drug use, so to me the extra tax from drugs could be used to help treat people with cancer or one of the many other things that take human life.
As for drugs and cheating in sport, i wish them good luck, because while there is huge money involved you will never stop cheats, whether it is in sport, business, gambling or anything else, you will always have some one trying to beat the system.
As some one else famously said THAT'S LIFE.