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7th June 2014, 02:25 AM
Have you ever met someone who is often the victim in life? "Why has this happened to me mentality". This person often believes that emotions just come to them without having any control themselves over how they can feel. They may let outside influences affect their life so if it is raining outside for instance, they make it mean that they are going to have a bad day. In return they may get attention from others & have the added bonus of not having to take responsibility in their life. This may work for a while, until they dig a deeper hole and the feeling of disempowerment overcomes them.
We have a choice, we can be the victim or the warrior.
By choosing to take responsibility for your life & how you will respond to whatever challenge life brings you, it allows you to step up, learn & grow. An empowering way to operate in this world designed with challenges built in.

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