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  1. The power of your Ego
  2. What are you focusing on?
  3. Be present
  4. Leave a little sparkle
  5. You are unique
  6. Be careful what you focus on
  7. Terminal Seriousness
  8. Procrastination will hold you back
  9. Embrace vulnerability
  10. Take that first step
  11. Who are you taking advice from?
  12. Keep an open mind & open heart.
  13. Direct your energy
  14. Respect yourself
  15. Choose the front seat
  16. Relationship building
  17. Judge and you will be judged
  18. 3 Universal Fears
  19. Love strategies
  20. Above the line thinking
  21. There's no fun in playing too safe
  22. You have the inner strength to handle anything
  23. Be a Dog with a bone
  24. Surround Yourself with Outstanding People
  25. Drive your own bus
  26. Hold yourself to a higher standard