Thanks for Joining!

I've noticed a few of my Facebook friends joining the Newspaper site and I thank you very much! The best way to further enhance your usage is to click on the Facebook Connect button at the top of the site, if you haven't already used that as your membership entry point...sooo much see I make it hard otherwise as the web is full of spam and SEO bots that join relentlessly, we have had to kill over 10,000 memberships....we have 200+ members I consider sound.

I'd like to impress you will be safe from spam other than our internal site promos or what you subscribe to, I already have many barriers but we are getting a big enhancement for security.

The site will also be monetised as of next week, full blown commercial site...BUT I will provide an alternative skin that has none of that advertising for those that don't want the offers.

I will never share your information with anyone other than those you choose to share with, but we will have third party affiliates that you can opt out on, in the main, independent non invasive clients that will enhance the site.

If there are inadvertent issues we can expunge them quickly, but as we have a reasonably small community of exceptional people I would love for you to start to engage, comment, create your own group, invite friends to join your group.

The site is basically a 'creatives' platform and you will see very shortly ways that, as artists, musicians, photographers, bands you will be able to create your own fun.

Thanks, come to the party!