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The first thing you notice is the colour of this wine, its dark red all most purple with a foaming white/purple head rising up at you.

Nose: It smells like dusty spicy Shiraz, its ripe fruit jumps out of the glass.

In fact itís a dam good Shiraz with the addition of bubbles that gives the wine a serious lift up and adds a new dimension to enjoyment of shiraz you get all the spice, oak and deep earthy aromas and flavours that you do in a good shiraz with the addition of thousands of tinny explosions of chocolate coated tannin on the plate, its just so Australian I grew up with sparkling red on the Christmas table each year with pork and turkey and roast potatoes, green peas and rich dark gravy. (Yum)

NOW: I like sparkling Shiraz served cool to chilled not ice cold. The reason for this is a slight chill and the wine opens up like any red wine, too cold and you mask a lot of flavour. At the end of the day the choice is yours chill the wine to the temperature you best enjoy

Michael Lillis
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