Organic One Shiraz



I have over the years tried a lot of organic wine and can say not many have impressed me, The early years of organic wine has been flavour less to say the least.

Strange as a chef I use a lot of organic vegetables because of there superior flavour.

Customer demand for organic wine has led me to try more over the last two years some have been ok most still lack something. This Organic One Shiraz has impressed me.

And yes not only do I now drink it, I now recommend you give it a try.

Nose: Pure ripe red fruit

Palate: Bold plush red berries fill the mouth flavour that comes in Waves rather than layers.
A simple wine, very clean, fresh, big, full flavoured - a bit of a surprise really bordering on full bodied, easy to drink and guess what no head-ache

The most notable thing about this wine is its (Pure) fruit flavours.

Michael Lillis
I love my food and my wine and make a living from both
Chef / retail wine sales