New Wine Critic - Michael Lillis


Michael is a multi talented fellow. A chef, long time and respected wine critic and wine retailer in the Port Phillip area, owning and operating Max Wines in Albert Park for many years.

Michael has agreed to use his skills for your advantage, to find those hidden gems and add to your cellar stock, and it just so happens he manages the liquor department at the local St Kilda Rennaisance IGA!

...and to the point of this post, Michael is writing quite separately from his duties to the boss, this is his opinion unfettered by the will to sell you anything, having said that though he'll probably keep us updated on tastings at the liquor dept and as he has tentatively done give you the odd foodie advice!

I know the owner quite well though, and they have two other supermarkets where you can also pick up these reviewed wines. This too will work to your advantage, as members identifying themselves will be given that extra service. I'll also speak to Joel, the owner of the supermarkets, which happens to be my local anyway, and see we what he is prepared to offer to our membership...mwoohaha.

Bottomline, they home deliver within a reasonable range and their groceries are always competitive, but I have to tell you, best kept secret in St Kilda for meat lovers, they have their own in house butchery and bakery...sorry for the plug, I like the joint!

We have had Winebins also promoting their tastings and courses here for some time and what a team! The Wine Witch, Hat Man and Ange! I have spent a number of Friday afternoons at their exquisite tastings. They say it is not what you know, but who you know, and trust me they got both!

Sooner or later we'll strangle some critiques out of them also!

I'll talk to them about matching the price, it would be nice to know you could go to a selection of local liquor shops and know the deal is available! Their opinion wouldn't hoit either!

Enjoy Michael's weekly tasting notes and we will release them on Thursdays each week so you have a chance to decide your weekend menu!

We invite you to add your own reflections on the wine, many may have already caught on!