Lee Schraner and Neville Rodda go back
a long way as bowlers - pic from 2004
courtesy SportingPulse

Lee Schraner announced the movement of his best mate, Neville Rodda, on Facebook tonight, to join the Beach Boys at Brighton.

This weakens RUBC terribly as they struggle to hold off a steady MCC; they are playing Altona's second side, 4th on the ladder and this loss of a front end player of his quality could take the shine off their stellar side and unsettle the Tiges. No end of pain for their bottom side either who are already scraping just off the bottom. One wonders if the selectors there can pick their noses adequately let alone sides.

Bolstered on their win last week against RUBC, MCC should get a couple of rinks over the 7th placed Glenroy and take the day.

Fitzroy/V already losing their top spot to Brighton have a bit of work to do, but at half way it only really matters now to end up in the finals. They are also on the recruitment trail.

Nev's departure at the half way mark, like the swallows from Capistrano, must signal the beginning of the silly season...it should be interesting to see what unfolds around the club traps in the coming weeks.