#AusOpenGC Women's Fours Sectional Winners-

Section 1 S.Harpe, F.Davidson, S.Boddington, D.Howard
Section 2 Y.Lovelock, M.Gibbs, C.Pavlov, C.Harkness
Section 3 K.Moran, C.Anderson, J.Keegan, K.Murphy
Section 4 S.Noronha, N.Noronha, C.Odgers, N.Scott
Section 5 D.Yu, A.Choi, H.Cheung, V.Yip
Section 6 C.Williams, V.Kelly, M.Larcombe, J.Bush
Section 7 K.Thatcher, B.Dickson, R.McPharlin, C.Turley
Section 8 J.Newell, S.Laidlaw, C.Gordon, V.Longfellow
Section 9 J.Stockdale, C.Heaps, N.Gunders, C.Hume
Section 10 L.Cuthbertson, A.Peart, T.Brodie, C.Withers
Section 11 B.Edwards, C.Felle, B.Edwards, G.Edwards
Section 12 N.Jones, S.McKenzie, R.Lovelock, P.Rowe
Section 13 J.Agar, S.Aumann, S.Renshaw, B.Quinlan
Section 14 M.Gibson, A.Wilson, P.Skinner, T.Morison
Section 15 W.Mackie, L.Brack, T.Foster, G.Waitai
Section 16 H.Heal, R.Jolly, L.Warburton, L.Featherby
Section 17 C.Starr, B. Stevens, L.Baker, M.Reynolds
Section 18 V.Hasell, C.Orr, F.Luke, T.Hastings
Section 19 A. Dorreen, E. Ross, C. Buchanan, M. O'Connor
Section 20 K. Anderson, E. Brown, L Thompson, N. Dutton
Section 21 S. Goddard, K. Griffin, V. Smith, J. Edwards
Section 22 T. Bruce, L. Grey, S. Matthews, S. Keith

Women's Fours Next Best Qualifiers-
Next Best Qualifier 1. K.Bush, C.Sanders, J.Johnson, D.Hands
Next Best Qualifier 2. A.Johns, E.Ryan, R.Van Asch, L.Clarke
Next Best Qualifier 3. C.Lewis, G.Read, D.Logan, C.Baxter
Next Best Qualifier 4. J. Matthews, D. Dorrington, C. Maslen, D. Ellison
Next Best Qualifier 5.G.McKenzie, L.Dalli, S.Connolly, J.Grimshaw
Next Best Qualifier 6. P. Bourne, W. Duder, N. Porteous, L. Browne
Next Best Qualifier 7. L.Collins, J.Katon, D.Quick, C.Myers
Next Best Qualifier 8. V.Jackson, K.Ralph, A.McClure, H.Clough
Next Best Qualifier 9. F.Whittaker, V.Ohmsen, M.Smith, C.McDonald
Next Best Qualifier 10. J. Foley, R. Dickinson, P. Edmunds, S. Wallace

All knock-out matches commence at 8:30am Friday June 19. Please refer to the draw to confirm which club.