Here are all the section winners from the opening day of the #AusOpenGC men's singles:
Section 1 winner: Chris Monk
Section 2 winner: Apollo Birch
Section 3 winner: Chiathai Kanchanakaphan
Section 4 winner: Corey Wedlock
Section 5 winner: Ray Pearse
Section 6 winner: Ben Morthorpe
Section 7 winner: Wade Mutzelburg
Section 8 winner: Malcolm Williams
Section 9 winner: Shannon Gittoes
Section 10 winner: Richard Girvan
Section 11 winner: Adam Turner
Section 12 winner: Bruce Walker
Section 13 winner: Sam Laguzza
Section 14 winner: Chris Rosanes
Section 15 winner: Brett Wilkie
Section 16 winner: Joshua Thornton
Section 17 winner: Ian Taylor
Section 18 winner: Ashley Halls
Section 19 winner: David Pearson
Section 20 winner: Nathan Savino
Section 21 winner: Ian Gallagher
Section 22 winner: Michael Stonham
Section 23 winner: Alex Marshall
Section 24 winner: Brandon Baker
Section 25 winner: Danyon Christie
Section 26 winner: Ken Chan
Section 27 winner: Pat Caffell
Section 28 winner: Aaron Corbin
Section 29 winner: Peter Longlan
Section 30 winner: Graham Gebus
Section 31 winner: Max Kleinig
Section 32 winner: Michael Sims
Section 33 winner: Daniel Smith
Section 34 winner: Michael Reid
Section 35 winner: Neville Wood-Bradley
Section 36 winner: Callam Hanna
Section 37 winner: Aron Sherriff
Section 38 winner: Jovan Krstac
Section 39 winner: David Willcocks
Section 40 winner: Tyson Willson
Section 41 winner: Tony Willimas
Section 42 winner: Brian Bateman
Section 43 winner: Hugh Jorgensen
Section 44 winner: Greg Reagan
Section 45 winner: Scott De Jongh
Section 46 winner: Mark Malogorski
Section 47 winner: Kenta Treacher
Section 48 winner: Barrie Lester
Section 49 winner: Greg Brims
Section 50 winner: Phil Haynes
Section 51 winner: Paul Kelly
Section 52 winner: Terry Kung
Section 53 winner: Rohan Wilson
Section 54 winner: Dylan Fisher
Section 55 winner: Shannon McIlroy
Section 56 winner: Neil Mason
Section 57 winner: John Green
Section 58 winner: Trevor Haitcheson
Section 59 winner: Daniel Farrel
Section 60 winner: David Holt
Section 61 winner: Phillip Burns
Section 62 winner: Mick Harris
Section 63 winner: Daren Maddrell
Section 64 winner: Geoff McGillivray
Section 65 winner: Clinton Bailey
Section 66 winner: Joseph May
Section 67 winner: Steve Massey
Section 68 winner: Ryan Bester
Section 69 winner: William Emerson
Section 70 winner: Mark Ryan
Section 71 winner: Peter Elder
Section 72 winner: Tony Sciavello
Section 73 winner: Steven Dennis
Section 74 winner: Nathan Wilson (QLD)
Section 75 winner: Paul Kajewski
Section 76 winner: Stuart Airey
Section 77 winner: Geoffrey White
Section 78 winner: Corey Parker
Section 79 winner: Sean Ingham
Section 80 winner: George Hoath
Section 81 winner: Peter Kibble
Section 82 winner: Gary Lawson
Section 83 winner: Brody Pitham
Section 196 winner: Mark Casey
Section 198 winner: Joshua Appleyard
Section 204 winner: Bruce Richards
Section 205 winner: Mohammad Syamil Syazwan Ramli
Section 206 winner: Fraser Maguire
Section 207 winner: Phillip Thorn