What's life without laughter?

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ON THE HOUSE is an audience development service. Our aim is to get you out of the house and to one of our shows. So, if you see a show that you love, please tell your friends and spread the word about great events.
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CREEPS is a show about working through your demons. In public. With a microphone. Tickets are taken up quickly - so, don't wait until it is too late!

Your headliner is Australian comedy king Gary Eck, known not only as a comedian but as a writer, actor and director. Gary is one of the country’s most popular and versatile comedians, who has had local and international audiences in stitches for almost two decades.

This is a celebration - Chris Franklin is turning 50! And he's celebrating with everyone who comes along. Chris is one of Australia's premier comedy stars.

Pajama Party is a comedy show about friendship, imagination and flannelette pants.

You can get $42 worth of value for $5.98 if you are a bronze member and completely FREE tickets if you are a gold member!