Episode ONE – The Western front

Swampy’s World is an internet TV series in four parts, filmed in and around the Footscray/Maribyrnong area. It chronicles the life of the character Old Swampy, a homeless man of wit and wisdom. 

It was created and produced by Ross Daniels [West Footscray comic and actor] and Leo Dale [musician and videographer]

Episode TWO – Go DOGGIES!

Swampy has a lifelong, almost manic love for the Western Bulldogs. But decades of Premiership drought and his memories of distant, better days sometimes take their toll on Swampy. Until fate presents an unexpected window when our homeless hero finds a lucky coin in a garbage bin. The show is a gentle narrative comedy in which we see the world through Swampy’s eyes, as he wanders through his solitary yet amusing existence in Melbourne’s inner west. 

Episode THREE – It had cheese on it


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